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This is a space for photos of my travels, just for fun. I like to travel, and take pictures while traveling. The way I'm organizing this is based on the format YYYY/MM/Location. Use the navigation bar on the left, or the previous/next buttons above the footer to flip through different adventures. The search bar at the top can also be used to jump to different pages.

I live in Northern California and many of these locations are local to me. As of the "last updated" date, I have visited 12/50 US states.


I currently am using a Canon PowerShot A3500 IS, with mainly stock settings. This is my first camera. A few of the photos on this website are also taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy A10e) camera.

About this Website

This website was generated using mkdocs using a customized mkdocs-material theme. This website is built automatically, so if you notice something wrong with the website, feel free to shoot me an email. Follow the links at the footer of each page to visit my homepage or to send me an email.

Last Updated

Oct 5, 2023