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Point Reyes

Sep, 2022

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Deer atop of a sand dune.JPG Deer atop of a sand dune

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Deer grazing at Point Reyes.JPG Deer grazing at Point Reyes

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Dock in Drake's Bay.JPG Dock in Drake's Bay

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Elephant seals in Drake's Bay.JPG Elephant seals in Drake's Bay

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Fog over the Pacific Ocean.JPG Fog over the Pacific Ocean

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Road leading to Point Reyes.JPG Road leading to Point Reyes

www/2022/09/Point Reyes/Sea cliffs.JPG Sea cliffs